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#Yana Valancessa'#: Huh , Tired -,-

Huh , Tired -,-

I was very tired today . I have a lot of work to do today , SWEAR very very very tired . First time at school i very tired , huh ! And one more about this SUKANTARA . So much problem here from my friend and i , you know why ? because of  high jump ! My friend and i were very angry just now until i go and tell all the teachers . Because the grass very slipery until i fall down . Fortune i never fall on the grass , luckily . Fuhhh , very scared just now when i jump and very high somemore , STUPID =,= , Hahah , i nvr pass the high jump , So stupid . Last time i pass the high jump and now like suck only , huh ! grrr . The whole body already started pain already . untill my legg  swelling . I cannot tahan all the pain ! And one more , class tambahan . Ayoyoyo , more tired and tired , huh , and so much of hw to do . suck ! I very hate it .

Lots of love : Yana Valancessa'

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