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#Yana Valancessa'#: Grr , Thanks for everything boyfriend !

Grr , Thanks for everything boyfriend !

Greeting Text 

I can't stand anymore >< I hate couple now ! Now , i understand love is what ?  From now i getting study and i want to change my attiude and start my new life okay ? So boyfriend , no more coupling . Yes ! I promise i don't one couple anymore . If u see i put relationship with boy that't mean it fake okay not real :) Couple make my heart pain . I'm tired crying and doing bad thing already . Do you want to see the video ? Okay , wait a minute !
You see ? huhu , oh god , don't let he come to me again , NOO  god ! I'm tired already and i repeat i want to start a new life (: To capital A , i can't forgive you already  , sorry , You have make me trouble ! Ihateyou :'( And don't come back for me anymore . hurmmm ><
btw , soorry if my english broken :(

Hello to Single , Goodbye to couple :)

Lots of love : Yana Valancessa'

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