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#Yana Valancessa'#: Float welcome note at header

Float welcome note at header

Hello people (:
Today i gonna start another tutorial it is call Float welcome note at header .
You don't know what is float welcome note at header ? Okay , wait i upload picture for you to see (:
Haa , that is Float welcome note  at header ,\. So , let's start :)
1.Design-Page Elements-Add Gadget-Html/JavaScript
2Copy and paste this code into Html/JavaScript .
<div style=" position:absolute; top:0px; left:200px;"><img src="URL Image"/></div><div style=" position:absolute; top:26px; left:215px;"><center>Your words. </center></div>
 So , let me give freebies for you (:


Creadit to : Kak biyha (:

Lots of love : Yana Valancessa'

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