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#Yana Valancessa'#: Mustache Cursor

Mustache Cursor

Heyy there and peace to be upon (:
Today i'm gonna started to make a tutorial for you all .
It is call Mustache Cursor .
Actually it is creadit to : Kak Lyssa  .
You know rite this pretty girl ? Hehe , so let start .

First login your blog  - Add gadget - Html/JavaScript 

Copy the code and paste into html/JavaScript okey ?
<style>body {cursor:url(URL CURSOR), url(URL CURSOR), auto;} </style><a href="LINK BLOG KORANG" target=_blank><div style="height: 50px; width: 50px; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px;"> </div></a>
#Red : put in url and i will give free Mustache for you all :)
#Blue : Put your own url blog .
Free Mustache for you .


Hehe , hope you like it ;) Please choose one mustache only yeah . #kbaii and Goodluck !

Lots of love : Yana Valancessa'

2 budak comel comments:

Syaidatul Norzali said...

isya nak mintak kebenaran untuk ambil code cursor yang warna pink dengan putih tauu :D thanks :) isya harap akak dapat hilangkan word verification kayy :*


sye amek ye, :)